About Us

Embedded Interaction Lab (EILab) is an applied research lab located at Department of Design (DoD), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. The lab works in the areas of ICT for Development (ICTD) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a current research focus on input methods in virtual reality and flexible devices. Our major domain-focus has remained in the areas of rural healthcare and education. We have wonderful collaborations with various industry research labs including Samsung Research India Bangalore (SRIB), Nokia, Microsoft Research India, P&G Research Belgium, IBM Research Labs India and many more. We have also had generous support and collaboration from various government functionaries including IMPRINT, MHRD, ICMR, Govt. of Assam, NHM and many more.


Technology for societal innovation

Our primary vision is to design and develop innovative solutions that build upon advances in digital technologies, especially the digital technologies that demonstrate potential to impact the next billion. We believe that efficient and effective utilization of technological advancements, supported through user-centric design interventions has opportunities and tremendous potential to provide necessary services and information to a greater number of people across all section and strata of society.


Research on input interaction methods

Input interactions methods have largely remained the same over decades, e.g. desktop metaphors based computing. Recent advancements have made digital technologies compact (in size), cheaper and smarter, stressing the need to think of new and natural ways of interacting with digital information. Interactions with information must utilize the capabilities of human senses in smart and intelligent manner. We aim to conduct research that leverages on human potential to design user centric input interactions.



EILab is always keen to collaborate with industry and academic research labs and government bodies to realize our vision. Please send an email to keyur [at] iitg.ernet.in or keyurbsorathia [at] gmail.com for discussions on potential collaborations.

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